Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2nd Period President's Fitness Challenge Results

I will list the students that improved, and how many events they improved in, below. 

The test is over Five Fitness Related events:  Sit-ups, Pull-ups, Shuttle Run, Sit and Reach, and the Mile Run.  Students listed below improved in one or multiple categories (# of categories listed)

Sydney - 1
Zach R. - 3
Austin H. - 1
Drew L. - 2
Harlie - 3
Mason - 2
Britney - 2
Madison - 4
Vinnie - 1
Morgan -1
Raelynn- 1
Acacia - 2

The following students did not improve in any of the five categories:  Niko, Rikki, Emmalee, Jill, Jamie, Colton, Candace.  There could be extenuating circumstances that could have influenced the scores on their tests which would include injury and/or illness.

If you would like a full breakdown of how your student performed in the fall and the spring, please send me an e-mail:

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