Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday, Dec. 22nd

Last Day of School before Christmas Break!
MS students will be having an "ICU" or "List" Day.  Students who are missing work, will work on anything missing.  Students who are currently caught up, will watch the movie "Rudy".

HS students will have their Personal Fitness Semester Test in Mrs. Long's classroom during the 2nd testing period today.  I hope the students have taken the time to take the practice test.

Weekend:  We're having a bunch of family over this weekend for Christmas, however on Friday we will be taking coachette to have her tonsils removed in sioux falls.  We should be home Friday afternoon though.  No other real big plans over break, except to possibly run to Brookings to try and catch a Jacks BB game.

No lesson plans this week.  I'll write those when we come back to school in January.

Video:  Enjoy RUN DMC this holiday season.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Personal Fitness Study Guide

Here is the LINK to the Study Guide for the Personal Fitness study guide.

Students may take this as many times as they would like.

Wednesday, December 21st

Today is the first day of Semester Tests for CHS High School Students, good luck on your tests!

Semester Test for Personal Fitness class will be tomorrow, Thursday in Mrs. Long's HS English classroom.

JH students will be watching an inspirational movie today in Health Class.

Congrats to the Lady Cubs with their win over Winner last night they move to 3-1 on the season.  Nice Job ladies!

No School on Friday this week!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday, December 20

Last Day of class for Personal Fitness class.  High School classes will have Semester Tests on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  No School Friday.

JH PE classes will play games in the gym today. 

Good Luck to the Lady Cubs and the Cubs Basketball teams as they host Winner tonight in a double header.

Good Luck to the Cub Wrestling team tonight as they travel to Todd County.

Go Big.  Go Red.  Go Cubs.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday, December 19th

Last week of school until Christmas Break!

No school on Friday this week.

High School classes have Semester Tests this Wednesday and Thursday. 

Today, we'll be finishing up the movie "Supersize Me" with JH Health classes.

Personal Fitness will have their last weigh in, and fitness tests today.  We will have wall sits, and pull ups for today's tests.

Great win by the Chargers last night over the Baltimore Ravens.  This is pretty much an annual event, whenever you count the Chargers out, and think that Head Coach Norv Turner is as good as fired, they turn it on in December and play their best football.  Don't know if it will be enough to make the playoffs this year, and not sure if it will be enough to save Norv's job.  But, it was still fun to watch the team play well after a season of difficulty.

You Go Norv!

Have a great week, everyone.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday, Dec. 19th

Lesson plans for next week are done, click the link.

High School Classes will have Semester Tests next week on Wednesday and Thursday.
An on-line practice test is up and available for Personal Fitness class. Again, click the link.

No School on Friday next week to begin the Christmas holiday break.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Christmas season.

Good Luck to the Lady Cubs and Boys BB teams tonight as they host Parkston in double header action.  Go Big.  Go Red.  Go Cubs.

Good Luck to the CHS Wrestling squad as they will travel to Madison for a tournament tomorrow.

Weekend Plans:  Harming family Christmas back in Aurora this weekend, so we will be travelling.  Looking forward to getting the whole clan together.

In other news, another semester of Graduate School is done and in the books for Mr. Harming.  One more semester to go, and I'll be graduating in May from DSU with a Masters of Science in Educational Technology.

Weekend Video:  I'll be Home for Christmas from She and Him

Have a great Weekend Everybody!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday the 15th PE

JH PE students will be playing games in the gym today.

Personal fitness is down to their final Thursday of the semester for fitness workouts.

Good Luck to the Cubs Boys Basketball team tonight Season Opener against Marty.

High School semester tests are Wednesday and Thursday next week.

I think that's about it!  Hope everyone has a great day today.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Late Start Wednesday

2 hour late start today due to slippery road conditions.

Health Classes will continue to watch "Supersize Me" in class today.  Although we won't get to watch alot, with the shortened class periods.

Possible discussion questions with students about the movie:
1.  What new information did you learn about fast food?
2.  Does this information make you less likely to eat it?  Why or why not?
3.  How did the eating of all that fast food make Morgan (the main character) start to feel?

Personal Fitness class has their 3rd Test today.

Congrats to the Lady Cubs for their Big Win last night against Wessington Springs!  Nice Job Ladies!

Happy Birthday to Marcus Harming who turns 9 today.

We Love You Marcus! (from your family).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We're still here.

Just to answer the question that every MS student asked the second that it began snowing outside.

We are NOT getting out early.

There is a chance however, that the GBB game in Wessington Springs MAY be postponed.

It's not yet, though.  As of right now, everything is still on!

Tuesday the 13th

PE Day today.

JH students are playing "stealing sticks" games in the gym today.  These games are similar to capture the flag, but played with a few more variables.

HS Personal Fitness students will be having an individual workout day today.  Just a few (2 days) of these left until the end of the semester.

Personal Fitness will have a test, Test 3, Tomorrow.  It will cover assignments 9-12. 

Good Luck to the Lady Cubs tonight as they travel to Wessington Springs.

Go Big.  Go Red.  Go Cubs.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday, 12-12 Health

Hopefully, Health Classes will be watching the movie "Super-Size Me" today.

That is, if I can get the streaming video to work. is not cooperating this morning.

Personal Fitness will be testing Max bench press and situps today.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Next Week's Lessons

Lesson Plans for next week are completed.

Friday - Early Dismissal

Early Dismissal today at 12:30 pm for Staff Development.

I will post lesson plans once completed.

Tomorrow afternoon is the 112th annual Army/Navy Game on CBS.

Go ARMY!  Beat NAVY!

The Friday Video is Loverboy's "Workin for the Weekend", enjoy this little slice of the 80's.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

PE on 12-8-11

Thursday PE classes today.

JH/MS will again be playing some different dodgeball type of games.

HS Personal Fitness has workout Day 2 today.

Early Dismissal Tomorrow!  12:30 dismissal for all students tomorrow.  Professional Development for staff on Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Health Test Day

Health Classes will be having a test over Chapter 8 today.

I am going to give the students the opportunity to take the practice test, again first. 

The link for that practice test is located here.

Once each of the students has taken the practice test... I will put the "Real" Test on-line.

Personal Fitness Class will be working on assignment 12 today... Which is their final assignment for the semester.  Next week, they will have test three, and the following week is finals week.

Assignment 12 is on... Self Improvement.

My Altra Instincts Finally showed up last night, and I got a short two mile run in after school.  Used the Instincts for only a half mile.  They worked well.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PE on Tuesday.

Physical Education classes will be in the gym today.  We will be playing a few different varieties of dodge ball. 

Nice to see the San Diego Chargers play like they are capable of last night.  It's been a disappointing season, but it was nice to see the team play hard and continue to do their best.  At least they haven't quit on their coach or teammates.

Youth Basketball for 3rd graders starts tonight, I'll be coaching the young boys again this year.  Really looking forward to teaching some more "team concepts" this year.  Give and Go, Pick and Roll, and defensive position.

Personal Fitness are doing fitness workouts in the weight room.

Tonight the Chamberlain Lady Cubs will open their season with a game against Mount Vernon.  As the former coach of the team, I wish them well tonight, and for the entire season.  Good Luck and Best Wishes to Coach Neuharth and all the players!

Go Big.  Go Red.  Go Cubs.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Early Dismissal this Friday

Just a reminder, that this Friday, December 9th there will be an early dismissal.

School will dismiss at 12:30 pm for students.

Teachers will have staff development that afternoon.

Snowy Monday

I have Health Classes today on a snowy Monday at CHS.

Health Classes are going to finish up studying Chapter 8 Today.  We will then take a practice test that is located on the Internet.

The actual test will be Wednesday.  I will leave the practice test up and running until Wednesday morning.  Anyone who would like to attempt the practice test can do so HERE.

Monday Night Football!  Chargers play the Jacksonville Jaguars tonight in a game of two of the more disappointing teams in the league.  I have no hopes or expectations for tonight's game.

Chamberlain Boys Youth BB starts after school tonight.  I will be helping out with 2nd and 3rd grade boys this year.  Which makes for a busy time in our house, particularly in January when the JH Boys are going as well.  We have 4 kids each on their own BB schedule.

Got a decent run in on Friday, however I spent a little too much time "bare footing" it, and my calves were extremely sore over the weekend.  Hoping to get a short run in tomorrow.

Personal Fitness class is weighing in and fitness testing today.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday, Dec. 2nd

Well, got to see the elementary school concert last night.

Really enjoyed their version of "the nutcracker".

Lesson Plans for next week are done.

Feeling a bit like a "poser" this morning, because I was unable to get out for a run yesterday.  When I arrived home my in-laws had just arrived as they were attending the Elementary Christmas Concert.  So, I had to stay and visit with them.  So my first run will be today.  I have to remember the working man's running motto:  "sometimes life gets in the way".

Has anyone else out there tried Google Music yet?  Pretty neat.  Google allows you to upload all the music you have on your computer to their "cloud" and you can keep it there forever... for free.  When I started uploading it told me it had room for 12,000 songs, so it's a pretty neat deal.

The idea of cloud computing is really catching on.

Weekend Plans
Well, I'm going for a run tonight, and plan on attending the girls basketball red/white scrimmage. 

Nothing major planned for Saturday, probably a run and hang Christmas lights on the house.

Sunday will be family time, and yeah I'll probably try to get a run in.

This week's video is from... Vampire Weekend.

Enjoy A-Punk

Thursday, December 1, 2011

PE on a wintery Thursday

Today's PE classes will be playing games in the gym.

The game of the day will be 6 base colony ball.

Personal Fitness has Personal Workout Plan for Thursday.

A little snow on the ground this morning as I came to work.

Elementary Music Concert is tonight at the armory in Chamberlain.  Mrs. Harming and I will be attending to watch our two youngest.

Tomorrow evening will be the Girls BB Red/White scrimmage at the armory.

And, it's December 1st!  My month off from running is over, and I will hit the road for a short 3 miler today.  Possibly outside, possibly on the treadmill.