Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PE on Tuesday.

Physical Education classes will be in the gym today.  We will be playing a few different varieties of dodge ball. 

Nice to see the San Diego Chargers play like they are capable of last night.  It's been a disappointing season, but it was nice to see the team play hard and continue to do their best.  At least they haven't quit on their coach or teammates.

Youth Basketball for 3rd graders starts tonight, I'll be coaching the young boys again this year.  Really looking forward to teaching some more "team concepts" this year.  Give and Go, Pick and Roll, and defensive position.

Personal Fitness are doing fitness workouts in the weight room.

Tonight the Chamberlain Lady Cubs will open their season with a game against Mount Vernon.  As the former coach of the team, I wish them well tonight, and for the entire season.  Good Luck and Best Wishes to Coach Neuharth and all the players!

Go Big.  Go Red.  Go Cubs.

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