Friday, December 21, 2012

Weekend Update...and Happy Christmas Break!

First.... the Weekend Update...

Good Luck tonight to the Elks and the Lady Elks as they travel to Castlewood for Double Header Basketball action!

In other news, the word did not end today!  Hooray!

Probably visit some family over Christmas, but only be gone for a day or two.

Students will turn in computers today, and I will be back at work over break, installing windows updates, and iTester on all the computers.

And last, but not least, before the Christmas Break starts today, I hope everyone has a Great and Fantastic Christmas, and a safe and solid New Year!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Marcus!

Happy Birthday today, to my brand new 10 year old!

Hope you have a great day buddy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Documentary Films!

This week... a link to a page that has a list of a number of free Documentaries for streaming.

Films on all kinds of topics...the financial crisis, the environment, what we eat... all kinds of things are on there.

The "Wall of Films" site has over 400 documentaries to choose from.
Note:  I would "preview" each film before I decided to show it, or a snippet of it in the classroom... as they are documentaries, and they aren't "edited" for school use.

I've seen a couple of these films, both Food Inc, and Food Matters, and they were both very interesting.

Another note:  As a documentary.... many times the film makers are setting out to "prove a point" and they are politically biased one way or another  (not necessarily on party lines...but more on "issues").  Please keep this in mind as you "preview" each film.... you don't want to be accused of spreading propaganda (one way or another).

Just another resource for you, hope school is going well.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekend Update! and the Friday Video

Congratulations to the Lady Elks for pulling out their first win of the season last night at Colman!  They had to overcome a 4th quarter deficit, and go to overtime, but they were able to persevere and come out with a victory.

Best of Luck to Coaches Erickson, Luenig, and the Elks Boys basketball team as they travel to Colman tonight, to take on the C-E Hawks, in their season opener.

Weekend plans:

JV Basketball tournament in Lake Preston tomorrow.  Lady Elks first game is at 10 am against Duebrook.

Other than that.... not much going on this weekend.

Today's Friday Video... enjoy Men Without Hats

Also... if you're in the mood, thought you may enjoy this "breakdown" of this video from, it's quite hilarious.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Head East Young Man!

I'll be going to Lake Benton, MN today, to work on their technology issues.

Can't wait until next summer, since we are all moved in now, when I can load up the kids and go visit Lake Benton for recreation!

Have a good day everyone.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Award for Zenner!

Zach Zenner named All-American.

1 of only 2 sophomores on the AA team.

Run, Zach! Run!

Tuesday Technology Tidbits

Nothing too substantial in today's edition.

Has anyone else out there used the Google Play store?

I suppose people with Android phones have, but that's probably it.  Well, the "Play Store" is like Google's iTunes... you can buy music, books, magazines, movies, apps, etc, etc... from the google play store.

If you have iTunes, and you're happy with it, that's fine.  Just throwing the Google Play store out there.  I've recently bought some music off of there ( I usually buy music on Amazon), and it seems to work just fine.  Haven't ordered a movie yet, but probably something I should try.

First Girls Basketball game tonight!  Assistant Coach Harming is excited to coach his first game with this team.

Some Inspiration for the Lady Elks....

Fun Fact:  19 years ago I began my coaching career as the assistant Girls Basketball coach for Elkton High School.  (In fact, Cassidy Gebhart was born during that season... I ran practice that day because Coach Gebhart was at the hospital.)  And all this time later, I'm right back where I started... life is strange and wonderful.

Not much else to report on.  Tough weekend of football in the Harming Household.   The Jackrabbits lost to the Bison, the Chargers managed to snatch defeat from the hands of victory yet again (which is so common now, it's pretty much the expectation).  The only solace to be found was on the bb court, where the Jackrabbit Men and Women's teams each had nice victories on Saturday night.

I'll leave you with this picture someone posted on Google Plus.  Just thought it was a cool picture.

Have a great week everyone!