Thursday, May 19, 2011

7th Period Physical Fitness Test Results

Below I will post the names of the students in 7th hour PE class, and how many fitness tests they improved on next to their name.

There are five fitness tests:  Situps, Pullups, Sit and Reach, Shuttle Run, and Mile Run.

Dale - 2
Warren - 2
Amber - 2
Anthony - 3
Willow - 1
Audreyanna - 2
Dennis - 1
Aran - 2
Damian - 4
Perri - 3
Allison - 0
Paige - 2
Dusty - 4
Alex - 3

As you can see, the majority of 7th graders improved in multiple areas which is a positive thing!

If you would like a complete report on your student's scores for the Fall and/or Spring send me an e-mail:


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3rd Period President's Fitness Challenge Results

Below I will list each of the students, and how many categories they improved in, on the President's Physical Fitness Challenge.

The test is over Five Fitness Related Activities:  Situps, Pull ups, Shuttle Run, Sit and Reach, and Mile Run

Alyson - 0
Hunter BE - 2
Bridgette - (no spring test, golfing)
Tyson - 0
Trista - 1
Amber - 4
Hunter K - 1
Gabriel - 3
Rachel - 1
Bryce -1
Haley - 2

If you would like a more complete report of your student's performance on this year's fitness challenge for the Fall and the Spring, send me an e-mail:

2nd Period President's Fitness Challenge Results

I will list the students that improved, and how many events they improved in, below. 

The test is over Five Fitness Related events:  Sit-ups, Pull-ups, Shuttle Run, Sit and Reach, and the Mile Run.  Students listed below improved in one or multiple categories (# of categories listed)

Sydney - 1
Zach R. - 3
Austin H. - 1
Drew L. - 2
Harlie - 3
Mason - 2
Britney - 2
Madison - 4
Vinnie - 1
Morgan -1
Raelynn- 1
Acacia - 2

The following students did not improve in any of the five categories:  Niko, Rikki, Emmalee, Jill, Jamie, Colton, Candace.  There could be extenuating circumstances that could have influenced the scores on their tests which would include injury and/or illness.

If you would like a full breakdown of how your student performed in the fall and the spring, please send me an e-mail:

1st Period President's Fitness Challenge results

For the President's Physical Fitness Challenge, I am going to list the students and how many events they improved in.  The Test is over 5 items:  Situps, Pull-ups, Shuttle Run, Sit and Reach, and Mile Run.
Shantel - 3
Kami - 1
Parker - 4
Casey - 3
Carrie - 1
Cansas - 3
Caleb - 0
Alyssa - 4
Ethan - 4
Dawson - 0
Cody - 2
Brett - 0

As you can see most of the students improved in multiple categories.  In some cases an injury or illness could have affected their score.  Overall, the first period 7th graders did a great job and showed improvement in multiple areas.

If you would like a more detailed report on how your student did from Fall to Spring, send me an e-mail:  and I'll be happy to fill in the details.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today's Information

Today's Health Journal Topic:
"How do you think the United States and other nations can help inprove the lives of the people in Africa?"
3-5 sentences

Students will be turning in their complete Health Journals today.
This will count as a 30 point Test Grade

Test over Chapter 24 will be on Friday.
Study Guides will be passed out today.

Monday, May 2, 2011