Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekend Update: March 22nd

Well, the dream run for the Jackrabbits Men's basketball team ended last night with a loss to Michigan in the NCAA tournament.  The loss ended the careers of both Nate Wolters and Tony Fiegen.  While it is sad to see their time with the Jackrabbits end, it's important to recognize their accomplishments.  Two straight Conference Tournament Championships, 2 straight NCAA Tournament births, and a school record for most wins in a 2 year period.  They help raised the program up from a difficult transition from Division II athletics.

However, not all is lost in Jackrabbit Land... The Womens Basketball team still has a chance.  They will play in their 5th straight NCAA Tournament tomorrow against South Carolina.  Good Luck to Coach AJ and staff, and the ladies as they look to upset the Gamecocks.

Go Big, Go Blue, Go Jacks!

Elkton will be holding it's annual Prom this weekend, and I certainly hope everyone has an enjoyable time.

Not much else on the weekend agenda, other than watching the NCAA tournament.  Hope everyone has a safe and restful weekend!

With Prom coming up, I thought today's Friday Video should channel something in that vein.

Enjoy OMD's "If You Leave" from the Pretty in Pink soundtrack.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Go Big, Go Blue, Go Jacks!

NCAA Tournament today!

The odds are against them, they face a very good Michigan team, in Michigan.

6:15 pm tonight on CBS!  Verne Lundquist and the legend Bill Rafftery on the call!

Go Big, Go Blue, Go Jacks!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Teacher Tidbits: Social Media and Digital Citizenship

Good Tuesday Morning!

Did anyone happen to see who was on the cover of CBS Sports Webpage yesterday?

Nate Wolters on the cover of CBS Sports Webpage
Very Excited to see what the Jackrabbits can do against Michigan on Thursday night.  Hope it's a good game, and may the best team (that night) win.

Today's Topic - Social Media and Digital Citizenship

With the influx and proliferation in Social Media, throughout society, I think it's important as educators (and parents) that we work toward educating our students in "digital citizenship".  

According to Wikipedia a "Digital Citizen" -  commonly refers to a person utilizing information technology (IT) in order to engage in society, politics, and government participation.

So basically, a person who uses the Internet to participate in any number of activities.  Social Media is part of society, and therefore a large part of digital citizenship.  Anyone who participates in the multitude of Social Media outlets, whether it's:  Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIN, etc, etc...  they are participating in society through the digital media.

There are some great resources out there to help people with their understanding of digital citizenship.  These are things that would be good for everyone to review, but also these are things that would be helpful to teach to our students.  How can we expect them to know, and follow, the expectations of digital citizenship, unless they are taught to them?

Some good Digital Citizenship sites are:


One good idea to keep in mind, in dealing with students and children and their use of the Internet and social media.  Be an ACTIVE participant in their use.  Follow what they are doing.  Check up on their online activity.  Have them show you the sites they go to (use can use the history files for that).  Be Vigilant!  They won't know what's right and/or what's wrong unless they are taught.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teacher Tuesday: Scam and Scammers

Good Morning Tuesday!

Today the South Dakota State Jackrabbits will play for the Summit League Championship for both the Mens and the Womens BB team.  This is the second year in a row that both teams have made the finals (with both teams winning and advancing to the NCAA tournament last year).  Just another step closer from changing the name from "The Summit League Tournament" to "The Jackrabbit Invitational".

Today's subject is Scams and Scammers.
I was actually inspired this morning by a CBS New Feature on the "Jamaica Lottery Scam".  There is no streaming video of this yet, I checked, or else I'd attach a link to the story here.

This Article does a better job of explaining the scam than me.  Basically, scammers are calling older US citizens, and tell them that they won the lottery, but they have to pay taxes.  And it begins.

There are a number of scams and frauds out there.  The Government even has a handy website, with hints and suggestions to help you avoid a scam.

What are some of the more popular scams?  Well, here is a list of the Top 10 e-mail/internet Scams of 2012.  I have recieved several of these e-mails over the years, including the Nigerian Scam (which is really quite hilarious if you read the whole thing), The Lottery Scam, and Disastery Relief scam.

Also, this year we have had several "Phishing Scams" with e-maill sent to staff members, asking them to click a link.  (The State usually does a great job of "catching" these, and letting me know exactly who got the e-mails).

So, just some general hints and thoughts to help keep you and your family safe.

  1. People won't track you down to give you free money.  This doesn't happen, except in the movies.  Now if a lawyer arrives at your doorstep, with paperwork and documentation...that's one thing.  But anyone on the phone or over e-mail is NOT to be trusted.
  2. You have to buy a ticket to enter a lottery!  If someone says you won the lottery...think about it, did you enter the Jamaican lottery?  When did you buy a ticket?
  3. Never, Ever, Ever - Give out passwords, PIN numbers, or anything like that.  
  4. Reputable organizations that help the needy; like the Red Cross and Salvation Army would NEVER e-mail you soliciting for donations.  They are usually linked to from other sites (like Katrina relief or Sandy relief or whatever the case may be).  But if you get an e-mail out of the blue...that's not them.
  5. Make purchases and/or transactions online only on secure sites.  How do you know they are secure? Well, usually there is a "lock" symbol in the address bar that shows they are secure.

Notice the "lock" on the left?

This is good, you are secure.

And the always reliable, dependable, trustworthy, rule of thumb:
"If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is".  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits: Saving your laptop battery

Hope everyone had a restful day off yesterday... Yowza was it slippery out there!

I nearly biffed it twice on my way to work this morning.

Today's blog post, is actually a link to a powerpoint created by a Harrisburg High School Student.  The link was provided to me from the Harrisburg Tech Guy, don't think he'll mind if we link to it, since he shared the link with the listserv for all the technology directors in the state.

It's a good issue, saving the power on your laptop battery.

Hope to see everyone at the Science Fair this evening.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekend Update! March 1st...

Started the Weekend off with a really good night on Thursday Night!

  1. I got a 30 minute "Tempo" Running Workout in.
  2. I was able to give M and M a haircut, which was long, long, overdue.
  3. The Jackrabbits Won, and clinched their first outright Summit League regular season title!
  4. The Tarheels Won!
  5. Duke Lost!
  6. Coach K was upset about Virginia storming the court.
  7. The Lakers Won!
We just need the Elks to win tonight, and it will be a perfect couple of days!  
Go Elks!

Today's Friday Video is posted with the Elks game tonight in mind!  
Enjoy Muse..... Let's have a bit of an Uprising tonight in the Elmen Center.

Good Luck tonight Fellas!

Also just for fun... a great photo of Coach K from last night, that I must share.