Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sorry everyone

The Blog has been suffering.

The absolute truth of the matter is, I've been too busy to continue my weekly "Technology Tips" column.

However, this doesn't mean they are going away...just means I haven't gotten to them lately.

If there is an update or something of importance to be discussed, I will put it on here.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend Update for September 6th, 2013

Well, it's been another busy week in the Technology Office.

The new machines for Roland Colony are almost completed (I am working on the last one, right now).

The Smarter Balance Technology Readiness Tool is completed.  This is something all schools in SD have to complete as the testing moves to online this year.  It was actually quite a lengthy process and complicated...took me a long time to get it figured out.

We've had a few staff computers with some issues, I've been able to solve most of them so far, although there are a few still giving me some trouble.

The images for all the student machines have been updated for duplication.  There are a few students who had trouble with their machines in the first couple days who were issued loaners...Their machines are being imaged as I type this.

Chromebooks are off and running with grades 5-8.  All students 5-8 have learned how to log in to the network, and into their chromebooks with their state e-mail credentials.  This is really going to benefit them down the road, especially judging by the number of Freshmen who are struggling with their logins and passwords already... they were used to just logging in with the general "student" credentials...the younger students are developing skills at an earlier age.

Completed the 2nd School Podcast yesterday... that link is available HERE.  These have been pretty fun to do, and that I have the program set up, and the intro and outtro music done...they don't take very long to put together.  I have also been in talks with Mr. Farnham about his communications class doing their own podcast... a student version, I guess you would call it.  Still working out the details, but that could be a really cool opportunity for our students


Good Luck to the Elk Football Team tonight as they take on the O-R-R Raiders in Rutland.

Go Elks!

First Cross Country Meet of the season tomorrow at White.  I'm excited to see what the Elks and Lady Elks can do.  Could be the start of a special season.

Saturday afternoon the SDSU Jackrabbits Football team will take the field against the University of North Dakota.  The game will be broadcast on Midco Sports Net and Fox College Sports Pacific.

Go Big, Go Blue, Go Jacks!

Sunday, the NFL season kicks off for most of the teams.  Hope it is a fun and exciting season for all the fans.

Today's Friday Video is from 3 Doors Down... Enjoy "Kryptonite"!

Elkton School Podcast #2

Yesterday, we completed Elkton School Podcast #2.

This Week's episode includes interviews with:  K-12 Principal Kelly Neill, "Meet the New Staff" Kelsey Beckman, and 7-12 Social Studies Cheryl Harming.

The link to the podcast is HERE.

The file is uploaded as a Windows Media Audio (WMA) File, so it is best opened with Windows Media Player.

Hope you Enjoy the Podcast, and don't forget to let me know if you have an upcoming event or topic you'd like to discuss on the podcast.