Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Teacher Tips: Websites and return of the podcasts!

In December, Mr. Erickson, Mrs. Neill, and I, were able to attend a workshop in Sioux Falls hosted by TIE which went over a number of devices and mobile apps that can be used on them.

While there...one of the instructors gave us a link to a google doc page where she had listed over 200 websites (and/or apps) that can be used on mobile devices.

The Link to that spreadsheet is HERE.  My advice would be to look through the list when you are thinking of trying to do something new.  There are many sites on there...some I have discussed here before, and many others that I haven't even heard of.

Secondly, I plan to begin recording some more podcasts in the coming weeks.  The main reason that I stopped, is that the phone that I was using to record the interviews had died (it would no longer charge), and I had a replacement phone that did not have a voice recording option on it.  I recently acquired a different phone that has a voice recorder...so we can pick up where we left off.

So, if you know someone with a coming event, or you have a team or organization that you would like to discuss on the podcast, please let me know.  They are very simple to do, and it does not take a large amount of time.

If you want to listen to any of the previous episodes from this past fall, they are located on the "Podcast Central" page.

Thanks for reading, and check out that spreadsheet...there are alot of good resources on there!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Changing Wireless Access Points

I am changing the wireless access points for the school today.

Formerly the wireless network had been named "elktonschool" and all wireless devices should connect to that automatically.

The "NEW" Wireless network is called "GoBigBlue", and will have a new and different wireless access code.


So, Monday the 6th, I will need to enter the NEW access code into all student and teacher machines that haven't gotten it, yet.

So, I will need to see all students on Monday to enter the code.  Luckily, this will not take long...only about a minute to enter the new access code under "GoBigBlue".  I may even go around and visit classrooms at the beginning of the day.

We are asking that only SCHOOL OWNED devices connect to the school's wireless.  I know there are several staff members who connect their cell phones and ipads and other personal devices to the wireless networks currently.  We will NOT connect personal devices to the school wireless from this point on.

One of the bandwidth issues we faced during the Standardized testing this fall, was that our wireless network was strained by the amount of machines accessing it.  By limiting these 10, 20, 30? extraneous devices...we will lessen the load on our wireless system.  (Also, there is a chance that some students had access on their phones, or ipads).

If it is a school owned iPad, or something like that...there is no problem.

Thank you for your patience and help!