Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekend Update! March 1st...

Started the Weekend off with a really good night on Thursday Night!

  1. I got a 30 minute "Tempo" Running Workout in.
  2. I was able to give M and M a haircut, which was long, long, overdue.
  3. The Jackrabbits Won, and clinched their first outright Summit League regular season title!
  4. The Tarheels Won!
  5. Duke Lost!
  6. Coach K was upset about Virginia storming the court.
  7. The Lakers Won!
We just need the Elks to win tonight, and it will be a perfect couple of days!  
Go Elks!

Today's Friday Video is posted with the Elks game tonight in mind!  
Enjoy Muse..... Let's have a bit of an Uprising tonight in the Elmen Center.

Good Luck tonight Fellas!

Also just for fun... a great photo of Coach K from last night, that I must share.

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