Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Documentary Films!

This week... a link to a page that has a list of a number of free Documentaries for streaming.


Films on all kinds of topics...the financial crisis, the environment, what we eat... all kinds of things are on there.

The "Wall of Films" site has over 400 documentaries to choose from.
Note:  I would "preview" each film before I decided to show it, or a snippet of it in the classroom... as they are documentaries, and they aren't "edited" for school use.

I've seen a couple of these films, both Food Inc, and Food Matters, and they were both very interesting.

Another note:  As a documentary.... many times the film makers are setting out to "prove a point" and they are politically biased one way or another  (not necessarily on party lines...but more on "issues").  Please keep this in mind as you "preview" each film.... you don't want to be accused of spreading propaganda (one way or another).

Just another resource for you, hope school is going well.

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