Monday, December 5, 2011

Snowy Monday

I have Health Classes today on a snowy Monday at CHS.

Health Classes are going to finish up studying Chapter 8 Today.  We will then take a practice test that is located on the Internet.

The actual test will be Wednesday.  I will leave the practice test up and running until Wednesday morning.  Anyone who would like to attempt the practice test can do so HERE.

Monday Night Football!  Chargers play the Jacksonville Jaguars tonight in a game of two of the more disappointing teams in the league.  I have no hopes or expectations for tonight's game.

Chamberlain Boys Youth BB starts after school tonight.  I will be helping out with 2nd and 3rd grade boys this year.  Which makes for a busy time in our house, particularly in January when the JH Boys are going as well.  We have 4 kids each on their own BB schedule.

Got a decent run in on Friday, however I spent a little too much time "bare footing" it, and my calves were extremely sore over the weekend.  Hoping to get a short run in tomorrow.

Personal Fitness class is weighing in and fitness testing today.

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