Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday, Dec. 2nd

Well, got to see the elementary school concert last night.

Really enjoyed their version of "the nutcracker".

Lesson Plans for next week are done.

Feeling a bit like a "poser" this morning, because I was unable to get out for a run yesterday.  When I arrived home my in-laws had just arrived as they were attending the Elementary Christmas Concert.  So, I had to stay and visit with them.  So my first run will be today.  I have to remember the working man's running motto:  "sometimes life gets in the way".

Has anyone else out there tried Google Music yet?  Pretty neat.  Google allows you to upload all the music you have on your computer to their "cloud" and you can keep it there forever... for free.  When I started uploading it told me it had room for 12,000 songs, so it's a pretty neat deal.

The idea of cloud computing is really catching on.

Weekend Plans
Well, I'm going for a run tonight, and plan on attending the girls basketball red/white scrimmage. 

Nothing major planned for Saturday, probably a run and hang Christmas lights on the house.

Sunday will be family time, and yeah I'll probably try to get a run in.

This week's video is from... Vampire Weekend.

Enjoy A-Punk

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