Friday, May 11, 2012

A Busy Friday

A Very Busy Friday in the Chamberlain School District.

First, the Elementary is holding their field day on the track today.  There are two sessions, but I am unsure of what the timeframes are.

Also today at 2 pm is the 8th Grade celebration in the HS Multi Purpose room.  8th Grade students will receive a number of awards and things of that nature.

Tonight at 7pm is the CHS Athletic Banquet, held at the Armory.

And then, the weekend is just beginning for me, as I will have to drive to Brookings for the Brookings Marathon, Half Marathon and Brookings Marathon Relay.  I will be running the Half Marathon (for which I am NOT prepared) and Cameron will be participating in the relay.

After finishing our running, Cameron and I will drive back to Mitchell for my wife's Grandparents 65th Wedding Anniversary celebration.

Then on Sunday, aside from Mothers Day, Mrs. Harming and I will be celebrating our 17th Wedding Anniversary.

So a busy weekend in store for the Harmings!

Hope you all have a good one.

Today's Friday Video is:  Slade's Run, Run, Away in Honor of the Brookings Marathon.

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