Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Blues day...

Not sure why it's a blues day, I just thought it sounded good.

Working in the school, driving myself koo-koo in the search for wireless drivers for some teacher laptops.  I'll get it figured out, I'm sure, but it's something new for me to learn.

Hoping to get a few more teacher laptops finished today, and then moved into my office tomorrow!

Nettop computers are in, and I'll need to get them formatted and up to speed, along with ordering the rest of the devices to go with them (touch screen, dvd/cdrom drive, projectors, etc...).  Feeling good about getting ready for school.  I know that I'll be putting in some long hours in the coming weeks, but I'm hopeful, that we'll have everything "ship shape" and "ready to sail" by the start of the school year.

Since I named it "Blues Day", I thought I'd include a video...  Enjoy one of my favorites, The Gaslight Anthem

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