Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tests, Testing, and Testers.

With the move of standardized testing going "online" I have been busy installing the new "tester" on several machines.

What I have been  installing is the Smarter Balance Secure Browser 6.3  The icon for this program looks like this:

Basically, what it is...is a "secure browser".  It shuts down your ability to run any other programs on the machine while you are using it.  (to prevent people from cheating).  It connects directly to the smarter balance website, and asks the user to log in with their testing credentials. (username and password)

The program itself isn't difficult to load on the machines, but it takes a little time.  And, I'm happy to say that all the machines in the North Lab, and the Windows 7 lab, have it installed on them.  We have also enabled the SBAC tester on the chromebooks (which was much easier to do...I just authorized that app for all our chromebooks, and BOOM, it was done).

This also required me to take a trip out to Roland colony and make sure the newest browser was installed.

The HS Juniors all need this on their machines as well.  A week or two ago, I did this on the great majority of them.  If there is a Junior HS student who doesn't have this installed, they will need to come and see me, so I can install it on their machine.

Problems will probably arise...they always do with technology.  But hopefully the move to online testing will go fairly smoothly, and it will certainly improve and get better with more experience in using it.  (Both at the state and local level).

At the latest check the tester seems to be working (we had a slight hiccup last week, when the testing site was down for a few days...but that was on Smarter Balance's end of things), and hopefully we are prepared and ready to go when the testing begins.

In our weekly testing coordinators update, they did ask for people to begin "practicing"  (See paste below)
 "Secure browser installation – please try to get the secure browsers installed this week so you can have as many students as possible try the training test next week. "
We have the browser installed, so check with Ms. Bogue as to when you can begin a "practice" session.

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  1. “I just authorized that app for all our chromebooks, and BOOM, it was done).”

    I wish everything was a BOOM and it was done! HA!
    Good luck with the testing, seems pretty cool.