Thursday, March 20, 2014

Office 365 Sharing issues - Integrating Technology Website

I know that previously there has been some sharing issues with office 365 between users with Office 365.  Dan Robbins and I have been in contact with the state about this issue, and this was what we have heard back from them ... (It has been working in Internet Explorer, but not in chrome)... this was the recommendations of the state, that I am copying and pasting below...

Microsoft is switching their product to be named “OneDrive” instead of “SkyDrive” so you’ll see that change across the board.

Since it sounds like the issue is browser-specific  (Chrome) and only one the one computer, you can do the following testing if you’d like:
1)      On the Chrome menu, select Settings.
2)      On the settings page, click Extensions.
3)      Please disable all Extensions (by unchecking the box next to enable)
4)      Exit and restart Chrome
5)      Return to the Extensions page to make sure they are still disabled
6)      Log back in to Office 365, and see if the problem continues to occur.

If everything appears to be working fine in Office 365, you can enable each extension one by one (testing Office 365 after each) to try to figure out if one of them is causing the issue.

So It appears that sharing issues could be related to extensions in the chrome browser?  

Something for you to try anyway, if you are having any sharing issues.

Also, this website was shared among the Tech Director Listserv last week...and I looked at it....and there are ALOT of Technology resources listed on here.  (too many to discuss each individually)... please feel free to check it out.... there is common core stuff on there as well!

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