Wednesday, May 20, 2015

K12 Websites change

The K12 Data Center will be moving all State Hosted websites to new servers this summer.

I will plan on migrating all our websites (that would include the school site, and the staff sites), next Tuesday, May 26th.

The new servers will no longer support "Front Page Extensions" and will not use Front Page as web development software.

What does this mean for you?
1. You can NOT use Microsoft Front Page 2003 to edit your webpage any more.
2.  To edit your webpage, you will need to use either Sharepoint Designer 2007 or Expression Web 4.

3. Once you install them, you can open your website by following the directions on this FAQ from the K12 Data Center Members Site:  FAQ 187 Open Web Site Using Sharepoint Designer 2007
(you will need to know your K12 Credentials to log into the Members site)

Will this affect your webpage?
Not much... there are only a few features that will be affected in the migration.
Those will include: (This is copied from FAQ 1316)

If your website included these FrontPage features, you can expect the following after your site is migrated:
  • FrontPage counters
    • These counters will break. They can be replaced with an alternative (e.g. StatCounter).
  • FrontPage forms
    • These forms will no longer work. Any form that you would like to continue using will need to be replaced with an ASP.NET form.
  • FrontPage discussion boards
    • Users will still be able to view the discussion boards but will be unable to post new content.
  • FrontPage page includes
    • Changes to the included page will no longer update across the connected pages. Future edits will need to be made on each individual page.
So... In Conclusion... If you use Microsoft Frontpage for Webpage editing... you will need to install either Sharepoint Designer 2007 or Expression Web 4, for editing your webpage.

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