Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, Feb. 13th

Lesson Plans for this week are up and on the internet.

First day back in school for me in what feels like forever.  I was home with sick children last Wednesday and Thursday, and had an appointment on Friday that I had made weeks ago.  So it's been almost a week!

Lucky for me, I had all my grades up to date so all I have to do is play catch-up... but still, 3 days is alot of work to catch up on. 

Let's see... News and Notes.
1.  Parent Teacher Conferences - Conferences will be held this Thursday, February 16th from 2:30 to 8:30 pm.
2.  No School Friday - Friday will be a no school day, after conferences.
3.  No School Monday - President's Day
4.  Conferences Drawing - I'm not real certain about this myself... I'm not one of the planners, but I know that each MS teacher was given some money from the PTA to use to buy a gift.  Each student whose parent/guardian attends conferences gets their student's name put in a drawing, and then that teacher will draw who wins the prizes from their "pool".

Good Luck to the Cubs JH Basketball team as they play at St. Joes tonight.

Caught a pretty good portion of the Grammy Awards last night.  I really enjoyed the show for the most part.  Some pretty good performances from Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift (yes, Taylor Swift!  She was awesome... I can't believe I'm saying that), Adele, and Jennifer Hudson did a great tribute to Whitney Houston.  That was really a fun show to watch.

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