Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Guest Review and update

First of all, a quick review of the Nexus 7 Tablet from our own Ag. Sciences Teacher...Dan Robbins!

FYI…   gave my kids their own nexus 7, can setup other users which is nice so the wife and I steal them too and have our google accounts/apps/backgrounds all ready to go as well!

Here was a review I pretty much can agree with…

Went w/ the 32gb as thinking more media/movies get loaded on them.
Also set went to our library for the kids’ account numbers up the SD online library for ebooks and that works nicely.
Been hunting for educational apps, they are there but, really have to hunt for good stuff.

Over the Christmas/New Years Break I was able to do some updating to the student's netbooks.

A quick rundown of what was done:
1.  Installed Windows updates on all computers...this took a long time, several hours for some of the netbooks.
2.  Installed iTester on each of the netbooks.
3.  Made some tighter restrictions on the Cybersitter program.  This isn't something I really wanted to do, however, we had a handful of students (less than 10, more than 4...) install some "chat" clients on their netbooks, and so I had to tighten the restrictions on social networks and chat, and that type of thing.  So if you hear the students whining about more things being blocked, this is why.

If you find the students computers are blocked from going to a site that you need for educational purposes... I can "whitelist" any sites...although that would need for me to come to the room, and put them on each individual computer.

Which is a pain, but if we are going to have illegal chat clients installed (which leads to malware and viruses...of which we did have some)... I have to tighten the bottleneck.

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