Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Technology Tidbits: Couple Websites

Hope everyone has been staying safe on those slippery roads!  It has been quite an interesting few days weather-wise...nice temperatures, but the rain, and/or fog has made for some hazardous traveling conditions.  I know my kids have been dissappointed we didn't have a late start the past 2 days.

Go Elks!

Good Luck tonight to the Elks and the Lady Elks as the take on the Flandreau Indian School in Double Header BB action here in Elkton.

Schedule Notice:  Since I will be working at the "technology training" inservice here in Elkton tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan. 30th), I will make my weekly trip to Lake Benton on Thursday this week.

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A reminder to sign up to follow the Elkton School Twitter account:  @ElktonSchool .  I try to put announcements and updates on there every week day.  So if you are out and about and can't remember when something school related is coming up...you can use the twitter app on your mobile phone, and check the school's twitter feed.  It's pretty handy.  (I've used it this way already).

Today's Topic:  A couple of interesting Websites

From the site:  

This 21things4students (21t4s) Project was developed to equip students with 21st Century Technology Skills, for success in their education, jobs, and lifelong learning experiences.

21 Things - We selected 21 areas of Web 2.0 tools, all FREE, for your learning and exploration. Each of the areas is called a "Thing" and you can receive a special badge for each thing you complete. Some "Things" have more than one badge, and some have "Gems" for completing advanced levels.

Our Mission - is to provide a fun and project-based experience for you as you build your skills using different Web 2.0 tools available on the Internet.

Basically, this is a really, really neat site for helping kids to develop technology skills.  

From the site:

Takeaway: Wally Bahny suggests five web apps that you can use to hone your IT skills as well as make yourself smarter in other business-related areas.
While IT folks are, of course, some of the smartest people on the planet, even we need to keep our skills sharp. There may even be skills we don’t currently have that might make us more useful or perhaps advance our career. I’ve assembled five web apps (with a bonus sixth selection!) that you can use to hone your IT skills as well as make yourself smarter in other business-related areas.
Although this site is geared more toward IT people (ME), it could certainly be helpful for anyone who has their own computer (and/or wireless network at home).  Sites such as WikiHow and Mind Tools are great resources, and could help anyone with "techno troubles".
So there you go... One site for helping your students develop technology skills, and another site with resources to help you develop some technology skills.  That's what I call a "Win/Win".
Have a great week everyone!


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