Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits: instaGrok

Getting this up and online late today!
(Very Busy Morning)

Over the next few weeks, I plan to share a few new tools and websites that I learned about at the TIE Conference.

First off, got to give credit where credit is due:  Richard Byrne is the presenter I got most of these sites from. (That is the link to his twitter account)

He runs the educational blog:  Free Technology for Teachers
-It's a really wonderful site where he breaks down numerous tools and tips and ideas.  Give it a browse, I can pretty much guarantee that you can find something useful.

Today's Site is:  instaGrok

instaGrok is a really neat tool for research.  It sort of makes "interactive" customized bubble charts.

Here is a screen capture from the "Example" of "Earthquakes" on the instaGrok site:

Definitions for the key terms are given.
You can add notes, to each item in the bubble chart
On the right hand side, there are links to Websites, videos, images, and yes...you can even put quizzes on there.

I haven't played around with it enough yet, to consider myself any sort of "expert", but it really seems like a great tool for students....get them interacting with your material.

I know, we are coming to a close for this school year...but I always liked to be introduced to new tools in the Spring, so I could kind of plan out some possible things to use them on for the following year.

If you try instaGrok and like it, or dislike it.... let me know!  I would love to share your experience.  

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