Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014 TIE Conference resources

A few weeks ago, Mr. Farnham and I attended the 2014 TIE Conference in Sioux Falls.

It was a very informative conference, and I learned a number of different things.

I thought the Blog would be a good place to link some of the resources.

First off, here is the LINK to all the participants presentations.  If you click along the top "tabs" of the Symbaloo...you see there are all the sessions listed, Sunday's in depth sessions, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

Some presentations you may have interest in:

40 Web Tools for 21st Century Skills - it's a lot, but they are pretty good.  (Note:  Link takes to webpage...PowerPoint is downloaded from there).

Symbaloo (is kinda neat) I haven't used it, but it looks interesting.

Top 10 Classroom Tools - This has some neat things in it.

Chrome Apps - this was a good one, I attended this presentation

Hope you can find something interesting and exciting that you can use in your classroom!

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