Thursday, May 1, 2014

Alternate Browsers - Installation

Because of the Security Flaw in Internet Explorer, it has been recommended across the board, that anyone using the Internet use an "alternative" browser.

Here are some instructions for installing both Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox.  I prefer Chrome, because it is so fast...but I do know that FireFox users are very loyal, and they don't like to switch for any reason.

So for the time being, if you don't have another browser are some options:

How to install Google Chrome:

How to install Mozilla FireFox:

Also...if you MUST use Internet Explorer... you may continue to do So, but you need to disable Flash.

This will greatly limit your many sites utilize flash player.  But it's still possible.

To disable flash you go to: Settings -> Manage Add-ons, then select Shockwave Flash and click the disable button.

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