Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving Week!
Technology Office is busy as ever... working on some of the following problems:
1.  Re-imaging all the computers on the laptop cart.
2.  Getting Mr. Farnham's Mac onto the domain server.
3.  Helping Mrs. Blake get her iPads to connect to iCloud.
4.  Install Type to Learn software at Roland Colony, (hopefully do that today).

In addition, I'm very excited to start Girls Basketball Practice today.  It will be a very interesting season for me.  I have not been an assistant basketball coach since 2001.  Also, starting out at a new school and getting to know new players and what they can do.  And, on top of all that... the Varsity girls team graduated 6 players from last year's team, so this year will be a whole different crew out there, from the past few years.

I actually think the team will surprise some people.  My daughter and I were able to join them for a couple team camps in Madison this past summer, and I didn't think they looked too bad at all.  Just a bit inexperienced.... people will need to grow into their roles, and become their own team.

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