Friday, November 30, 2012

Go State! Go State!

(I took this title from the "Pride of the Dakotas" marching band, who used to chant "Go State! Go State!" before their performances)

(although I know this doesn't make alot of sense, because this week the Jackrabbits take on the North Dakota State Bison... they are also State, but I digress)

Did you hear that there's a football game this weekend?

Well, that's my weekend update.  Jackrabbits.  Bison.  I'm watching.  

That's it.  

NDSU Round 2 Preview from South Dakota State Football on Vimeo.

Really looking forward to the game tomorrow.  Two very good, solid football teams, with a rivalry built on mutual respect, facing off in the playoffs.

The only thing wrong with it, is why are these two teams playing each other in round 2?  The selection committee really kind of shot themselves in the foot.  Particularly if this game is another knockdown, drag em out, hit you in the face, one possession game... and then the Bison (or Jacks, but more realistically, the Bison...they are #1 for a reason)... run through the rest of the playoff field without being challenged.

No matter the result, I'm very proud to call myself a fan of this particular Jackrabbits team.  They have been very fun to watch, and really epitomize the "team" aspect of football, especially on the defensive side.  No real stars on this defense, and yet they are a top ten unit in the nation.

I hope Brock Jensen looks like this Tomorrow!

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