Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Teacher Tips: Simple Booklet

Teachers and Educators,

Time for another Tuesday Teacher Tip!  (formerly Tuesday Teacher Technology Tidbits)

Looking for a simple and effective way for students to display their knowledge?

Tired of Powerpoints,  Bubble Charts, and Papers?

How about having your students make their own "online booklets"?


Pretty neat little website that allows to create online booklets, from scratch.  Insert videos, pictures, documents, whatever you want.

And you can publish the booklets, and embed them into a website or blog.

Pretty neat little idea.

You do have to register to use the site, and I believe you are limited to 3 sample booklets, but another new and neat tool that you can use to produce quality learning projects!

Like all my suggested sites, this is listed on my delicious bookmark page.

Have a good rest of the week Everyone!

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