Thursday, December 19, 2013

Screencast: How to begin editing your state webspace

Here is a brief (very brief), screencast, on how you can log in to your state provided webspace.

Note:  I don't go into much detail here on web editing here.  Just how to log in, and that type of thing.

When it comes to web editing, I would recommend "playing".  It's ok to experiment and work on new things and ideas.

Another helpful hint, is to look at other staff members pages, and if you see something you like....ask them how they did that?

And of course you can always ask me specific questions on "how to" do this, or that.

There is so many things that could be covered in a vast subject like this a 5 minute screenr video, won't even come close to scratching the surface.
(Note:  My son Cameron, just took a Semester Long online course on Web Editing...So he worked on building a web page for an entire semester.)
Here is what his page looks like:

I hope this short video at least helps a few of you "get started" and be able to start doing some basic work.

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