Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rivalry Re-newed: Let's go Jacks!

Today I have PE classes in the gym.

Personal Fitness class will be doing a workout day today.  We will be focusing on a "dumbell workout".  I'll show the students several different lifts they can use the dumbells for to get a quality workout in.

Tonight.... Frost Arena... Brookings, SD  The Rivalry Resumes...

South Dakota State University Jackrabbits

University of South Dakota Coyotes

First time in 8 years the two in-state Rivals have played in Basketball.  Should be a festive atmosphere in Brookings.  Hopefully the game is entertaining, and exciting, and the team in Blue and Yellow comes out on top.  Welcome to the Summit League, coyotes!

Go Big.  Go Blue.  Go Jacks!

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