Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday in the classroom.

Welcome to Wednesday.  Today all Health students have an assignment over Chapter 10 Section 3 which is located online at edmodo.

Personal Fitness students will also meet in the classroom today, and will work on Assignment 3, which is over Muscular Strength.  There are 3 parts to this assignment, so make sure you (or your student) does all 3, sometimes people forget to do one!

I have been busy grading, it seems like, ever since I was sick last week.  I keep hoping to get all caught up, and I'm still trying to cut down on the pile.

Reminder:  If you (or your student) has failed a test, it is YOUR responsibility to schedule a retake. Typically for health classes, I allow them to do this the first time on a Friday, but after that, they need to schedule it.  If not, detention will be assigned, and then lunch detention.

For the HS Personal Fitness class, any assignment not completed correctly will be sent back until it is of a "passing grade" quality.  Also, for tests... if a student fails, it is their responsibility to re-schedule a re-test if they fail.  If not, detentions will be assigned.

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