Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Teacher Tidbits: Windows updates

Just a real, real, short "Tidbits" for today.

One thing that happens to computers, especially when they have not been used for a while, is that they haven't been "updated".  Microsoft Windows run frequent "updates" to their programs, and typically try to install them in your computer about once a week or so.  (It can vary)

You may have seen something like this pop up on your computer from time to time:

While you don't have to run the updates immediately, it is good practice to do them when you have time, or at least when you shut down for the day.

The reasons for the updates are multiple, but without going into too much detail...they help your computer run better and faster.

If you haven't run your computers for awhile, you may have several updates that need to be installed on your machine.  This can take as little as 10 minutes, or as long as several hours.

Sometimes you might see a little yellow exclamation point when you go to shutdown your computer.

This means that updates need to be installed, before the computer shuts down.  When you see this, it is important that you do NOT close the screen until the updates are complete.  It is not necessary to close the lid anyway, as the machine will shut down when finished.

So...things to remember:
1.  Run your windows updates (as often as you can)
2.  Restart your computer when you can..when you see the warning box.
3.  When you see an "update warning" when you shut down... DO NOT close the lid until the updates are complete.

Have a great school year everyone!

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