Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday, PE Day

Today JH PE students are doing a "fitness workout" during PE classes.

We are wearing Heart Rate Monitors.

Basically, what we are doing, involves doing a different exercise each minute.  For example:  pushups for a minute, then jogging for a minute, then jumping jacks for a minute, etc...  We take a one minute break every 5 minutes or so, and watch our heart rates fall.

The "Zone" we are looking for is 140-180.  Which is right between the "Fat Burning and Aerobic" Zones.  It may even stretch into the Anaerabic zone, which is fine.

Students are improving on using the monitors, and it's fun to watch them actually look at their results at the end of class, and see "hey I spent most of my time in the zone",  or "i didn't work hard enough today".  Very nice to see.

Personal Fitness is having a workout day.  They each wrote their workout plan last week, so they should be using them today.

Should be a nice day outside this afternoon.  This teacher is hoping to get a good run in today.

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