Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday

since it follows "Monday, Monday".

PE day today!  We're looking at finishing up our unit on Ultimate Frisbee.  We may strap on a heart rate monitor or two and see how hard they are working today.

Personal Fitness class has a workout day.  Students will be working out in the weight room and wrestling area. 

Parents of Personal Fitness students, ask your child what activities they enjoy doing on workout days?

Personal Fitness will be writing their "Personal Workout Plans" for the rest of the Semester tomorrow.  Basically, they will write a workout plan that they will follow each Tuesday and Thursday.  After the plan is written, they are expected to follow it on workout days.  Or possibly make changes to it.

Speaking of workouts, like Hans and Franz said, "We are here to Pump.... You UP"

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