Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Assignment 10 Personal Fitness Fall Semester 2011

Personal Fitness Students,

Read the information in the article below, and then respond to it, in the "comment" section.

REMINDER: Put your name at the bottom of your comment, or I won't know who it is from.

Read the article linked here.

Then, you should comment on which 3 of the eleven tips, you are most likely to follow, and EXPLAIN WHY.

REMINDER: Put your name at the bottom of your comment, or I won't know who it is from.


  1. The three steps that i am likely to follow is the relax, Drink plenty of fluids, and washing my hands. While if you are sick it would be easy to just lay down and relax. When i am sick like get thirsty so i would drink plenty of fluids. Washing my hands since i do that each time after i use the bathroom anyways.

  2. The three steps that I would follow are the first three; Washing hands, drinking fluids, and not coughing or sneezing on my hands. I chose the first one because I wash my hands a lot because I hate being sick. Drinking fluids is a no brainer. If you drink anything you get sick and die, and not coughing or sneezing on my hands I chose that one because I was taught growing up to cough/sneeze in the elbow area. so I thought that those would be the easiest to follow.

  3. The three that i would mostly follow, are drink plenty of fluid, when you sneeze dont cover your mouth with your hand, and washing hands. WHile doing sports i drink of lot of fluids. Also i wash my hands all the time at my house, my mom makes me wash before meals too. I usually cover my mouth with my sleeve or sumthing when i sneeze.
    Ru$$ Felicia

  4. relaxation, plenty of fluids, and washing my hands would be the three i would mostly follow. relaxation just for the fact that when i am sick i dont feel like doing much so i just usually sleep or lay on the couch and watch TV. i drink lots of water now becasue of wrestling so i would drink alot of fluids and i always wash my hands after certain things like working with the horses or lifting weights or using the restroom.

    Josh Valandra

  5. The three steps i would pick would be drinking a lot of fluids because thats an easy one and coughing and sneezing not in my hands would be something that i could do and the last one would be washing your hands because i do that anyways.
    Alex Pederson

  6. The three steps that I would take are drinking lots of fluids because I do this during sports so that I do not lose energy, not coughing and sneezing into my hands because that would be pretty simple to fix, and the last would be washing my hands because I do that and my dad freaks out if we do not wash our hands before we eat.
    Colton Anderson

  7. The ones i would pick are dinking alot of fluids because you need fluid to stay hydrated. Next i would pick the sneezing in to your hand is wrong because you can spread germs that way.and the last one i would pick is washing your hand because if you work with food then go eat food it could be cross contamination and you could get sick.

  8. i would use take a sauna, wash my hands, and lay down and relax. i would take a sauna because it could kill a cold or flu. i would wash my hands because it helps prevent germs from getting you sick.
    i would lay down and relax so that body can rest and build its energy up.
    Kuwa yellow hawk is a beast

  9. I would most likely follow these three tips: Wash your hands; don't touch your face; and relax.
    By washing your hands, this elimates the spread of germs. By not touching my face this helps by not getting germs into pores. Relaxing helps heals the body mind and soul.
    Austin Schulz is a ?

  10. I would follow these 3 tips from getting sick: Wash your hands, don't touch my face, and drink plenty of fluids. by washing my hands it would eliminate the spreading of the germs and stuff. Also by not touching my face it wouldnt get into my pores. Drinking plenty of fluids would also help preventing from getting sick.
    Claye Thunder horse