Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday, Oct 19th: Weekend Update

Cold, rainy, windy, blustery day out there again.

And now, for the Weekend Update.

Good Luck to Justin and Heidi tomorrow at the State CC Meet in Huron.  Go Elks.

Today I will be installing the projectors in grades K-3.  I hope to finish them all today.  If I do not, I may come in for a few hours this weekend, as I want this project finished.

We have returned several computers to Acer for screen repairs already this school year.  Students, please try to take care of your netbooks... use the shoulder strap bag you were provided, and do not throw them around.  Most, if not all, of the cracked screens so far have come from simple carelessness.

I watched last Tuesday's presidential debate while having Twitter open.  That was a whole new world.  I don't think I've ever enjoyed a debate as much.  Of course, I "follow" a number of comedians, and they spend most of their time cracking jokes and making fun of the candidates.

Next Monday is the third and final debate... if you plan on watching, take my advice and follow on twitter as well... very entertaining.

For the weekend, the SDSU Jackrabbits are traveling to face the Northern Iowa Panthers this weekend.  Huge game for the Rabbits, and not an easy opponent.

Otherwise, not a large agenda on the plate of the Harming family.  I'm sure we'll continue to do some things with our new home, and get a bit more squared away.

Today's friday video is from Pearl Jam

Enjoy:  Just Breathe

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