Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5th: Weekend Update

I like this one... might use it every Friday.
Spent a great deal of time in Lake Benton the last few days, doing updates on the AVG antivirus program.  Ran into a little difficulty, as there were 4 different versions of AVG installed on the computers, so it really depended on which version was installed... one type would take about 2 minutes, another would take about 15.

Just recently discovered that the image on the Sophomore's computers is missing the "GeoGebra" program.  So, any Sophomore who needs to have Geogebra installed, can come and see me, and I will get it installed.

Next week, I should begin installing the projectors in grades K-3.  (applause!)  I will need to probably do it after school, since I'll be working in the ceiling tile area... we'll see how quickly it goes.

Still working on the "projector problem" for Mr. Gebhart and Mrs. Harming.  This has been driving me crazy, and I'm determined to get it figured out next week.

I am currently finishing up the installation on the new library computers, and then I have 3 computers to load up for the Roland Colony.  These are going pretty smoothly, and they should be done by the end of next week.


The SDSU Jackrabbits have a bye this weekend, so no Jacks game this weekend.

Congratulations to SDSU Women's BB Coach Aaron Johnston and his wife, Laurie, for the birth of their baby girl.

The San Diego Chargers play at the winless New Orleans Saints this weekend.  Despite the Saints poor record (0-4), I am expecting a tough game.  They are playing at home, and their banned Coach and GM (Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis) will be watching the game from the stands.  They'll be fired up.

For the Harming family this weekend, we'll just be doing a bit more unpacking, and making our house a home.  Building a dog kennel, getting things where we want them to be, that kind of thing.

Enjoy your extra Vacation day on Monday!

Good Luck to the Elks FB team tonight as they host the Colman-Egan CE-Hawks tonight.

For your weekend video this week, let's go with a little Florence and the Machine.

Enjoy "No Light, No Light"

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