Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oct. 30th Tuesday Teacher Tidbits: WolframAlpha

First of all:  Happy Halloween!

Today's Topic is:  Wolphram Alpha.

What is Wolphram Alpha?  Well, according to wikipedia it is, "Wolfram Alpha (also styled WolframAlpha and Wolfram|Alpha) is an answer engine developed by Wolfram Research. It is an online service that answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from structured data, rather than providing a list of documents or web pages that might contain the answer as a search engine might.[4]"

It's not a search engine, it's "smarter" than that... it tries to find the answers to things.  

It's pretty neat to play around with, and certainly something that could be used in classrooms.

All you need to do is type in your question in the search box, like so...

And then, after "computing" for a few seconds, Wolfram Alpha will give you some information:

It's really a neat tool, and something that can be used across the curriculum.  

Here is the answer to a math question:

Hope you enjoy your Halloween, and hope everyone gives Wolphram Alpha a try!

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