Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Classroom Day and HRM reactions

Today is classroom day for me, and I spend all day in the classroom.

JH Students are starting Chapter 5 today.  They have a reading assignment, and then some key terms and review questions to do.  The assignment is posted on their edmodo classroom.

Personal Fitness will be doing assignment 4 today, which is on Cardiovascular Endurance.  Students will watch a short film on the subject and then do an assignment.  The second portion of today's assignment for the Personal Fitness students will be to figure out their proper heart rate zones.

Heart Rate Monitors went pretty well yesterday.  Although we had a few students who had trouble getting the monitor to work, well over 90% of the students were able to get it pretty quickly. 

Each student did the following:
  • Put on the heart rate monitor equipment
  • Got their heart rate to be read by the equipment
  • Set a "target zone" for the day.
  • Did a short "fitness activity" to raise their heart rates
  • Looked at the results of their activity on their monitors.
We will be breaking them out again tomorrow, for PE classes, and it will be up to the students to put them on correctly, and set their target heart zone without instruction.  (of course I will help them out, if they need help)

Overall, I thought the kids really responded well to the HRM's.  It seems like they were willing to work hard when they were getting immediate feedback.  Like I said tomorrow, we will use them again, but it will be most likely another "practice day" where they are getting used to them.  Then in a few weeks, we will not only use them, but record our scores on a "Log" at the end of class.

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