Friday, September 30, 2011

Homecoming Friday!

Hope everyone has a great homecoming weekend!

Good Luck to the Cubs tonight as they battle the Platte/Geddes/etc.../etc... team.

Early dismissal today for the parade.

Lesson Plans for next week are done.

Not alot on my plate this weekend.  The SDSU Jackrabbits return home after a 3 week trip of doom that saw them lose 3 times, have their starting quarterback quit the team, and several players get injured.  I hope they can pick it up versus a very talented Indiana State team. 

Little Known Fact:  Indiana State is the alma mater of one Larry Bird
Yes, that Larry Bird was a Sycamore.

Question:  Why would you name your school mascot after a tree? 
Makes no sense to me.

Go Big. Go Blue. Go Jacks.

For the Friday video of the week, I thought I'd go with something new, something catchy, something that will have you singing it an hour later.

Enjoy:   Young The Giant.

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