Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flag football outside today

JH PE kids are braving the wind and playing flag football outside today.

1st hour played 5 on 6 on a smaller field.
2nd hour played on a full size field, but with huge teams 12 vs 11.  Made for an interesting game.  We may "change it up" for Thursday, not sure having two giant teams is the best. 

3rd hour will also play on a smaller field.
7th hour - has a few shuttle runs to finish, so we will probably stay indoors today.

Personal Fitness will have a workout day in the weight room.

Lastly, a sad day for me today.  Thomas O'Brien the starting Junior Quarterback of my beloved Jackrabbits has supposedly quit the team.  The team has struggled it's last few games, and he has taken a great deal of the heat for it.

I can not imagine having the talent, drive, determination to become a Division I athlete.  And I also cannot fathom how miserable a person would have to be to walk away from something that I'm certain was a lifelong dream.

As a fan of the Jackrabbits it makes me sad to see a player give up his dreams.

As a coach/teacher it is a shocking revelation as to how much pressure is put on our young athletes.

As a parent, it just makes we want to go home, hug my kids, and tell them how much I love them and how proud I am of them, no matter what.

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