Thursday, September 22, 2011

PE today and a sad farewell.

JH PE classes are playing flag football today.
Personal Fitness is having a workout day.

And, to the news of the day...

Just heard on the radio that the band R.E.M. has split up.

My favorite band of pretty much all time has called it quits.

I'm not sure what to think of this, or how to react.  It's not too surprising as their last two albums "Collapse into Now" and "Accelerate" were both very good, but were hardly noticed by the general public.  Which is sad, but I guess inevitable.  To be honest, they have never quite been the same since drummer Bill Berry had to quit the band because of health issues (he had a brain aneurism during one of their tours).

A quick browse of the google news found a couple of good articles.
Time Magazine wrote a really nice piece, and I also enjoyed this view from Pop Matters.

I hope people don't mind if I once in a while stray into the music world on my blog.  To be honest, music seems to be the one thing you can bring up that everyone enjoys.  Some may like Country, some may like Rap, but everyone has a favorite.  Everyone likes to sing along, and everyone wants to "tap their toes".

For me, that favorite something was:  R. E. M.

- Enjoy "Find the River"

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