Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday - Lessons - Weekend- Video

Lesson Plans for next week are done.

For Friday "Fun Day" all kids who have their work made up are playing flag football outside today.

Personal Fitness is going to attempt to play soccer today.

Next Monday... Health classes will have a test over chapter one.
There is an online "practice test" up on the internet, and it is linked from edmodo.  I could post it here, but then anyone in the world could link into it.

This Weekend, my Jackrabbits and their new quarterback Austin Sumner (redshirt Freshman from Brandon Valley) travel to Illinois State.  Could be a tough game.  Good Luck Jacks!

Go Big.  Go Blue.  Go Jacks.

Also, Good Luck to our CHS CC team as they Travel to Platte tomorrow morning.  The team has been running well, and we hope this continues.
Run Hard.  Run Fast. Run Strong.

And lastly, to the Friday Video of the week.  Who else but R.E.M. could be our selection this week?
I tried to pick a song that most people hadn't heard, but still makes you want to "tap your toes".

Enjoy "Supernatural Superserious"

Have a great Weekend Everyone!

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