Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heart Rate Monitors

Today, all my PE classes are learning how to use the Heart Rate Monitors.

The most difficult thing is actually learning how to properly hook up the strap for the transmitter, and then learning how to set your Target Heart Zone on the watches.

The kids are doing ok, though.  It will get easier as the year goes on.

Today, the focus is just on getting them put on correctly, getting them set up, and then reading our results.  We aren't recording our results, yet.  We will however, start to do so once we have a solid grasp of how to run the HRM's.

Things that will be recorded:
Time Spent in Target Heart Zone, Time Spent Above Target Zone, Time Spent Below Target Zone
Max Heart Rate
Average Heart Rate

Today, we didn't have alot of time to "exercise" to really push ourselves.  But we do 5-10 minutes of running/walking just to elevate our heart rates, so we can see the results.

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