Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, Sept. 19th

Tough weekend for Mr. Harming!  Both the Jackrabbits and the Chargers took it on the chin this past weekend.  Oh well, not much I can do sitting on my couch.  Did get out on the road yesterday for a 4 miler, it was slow, but I got some miles in.

Today, JH Health Classes are working in the classroom.  No laptops today, we'll be talking a bit about section 2, doing a note taking guide on section 3, and then Homework/end of class assignment will be to read Section 4.

Personal Fitness is doing testing today.  40 Yard Dash, and Push-ups.  After the testing, we will do some core work.

Good Luck to the CC team as they travel to Bon Homme today!

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